Tips to Always Remember Your Keys

1. Buy a larger keychain

A smaller keychain might get lost in your purse. With a larger keychain, however, it will be easier to spot. As a result, if you lose your keys, they'll be easier to find and you'll be less likely to forget them.

2. Hang your keys on a hook

It might be a good idea to get a hook for your keys and hang it near the door you leave out the most. Make sure you grab your keys before you leave so you don't forget them. Furthermore, you will have a regular place to keep your keys, making them harder to lose.

3. Put your ID on your keys

You will be able to remember your keys if you use a lanyard with your ID and attach your keys to it. With this trick, you can create a bulkier keychain and give yourself an additional reason to remember your keys with your ID attached.

4. Tiling Your Keys

It doesn't mean attaching a piece of tile used for flooring to your keys. Tiles are small discs you can attach to a bag, clothing, shoes, or another item, such as a keychain. You can use it to find your keys when they go missing. A similar device is called a Stick N Find.

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